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Lost and Found

Last Saturday, I took our dog, Rory, out for her morning walk at about 6:00. As we came to the front of our apartment complex, I saw......

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Signs of Spring

The flowers are in bloom! So are the weeds. The baby birds nesting above my porch light have hatched and are now learning to fly! And they’ve left a mess for me to clean up. Outside it is warm and sunny! And the air is filled with allergens. ...

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The Meaning of Catechism

Today, fifteen eighth graders stand before the congregation and profess the faith Jesus gifted them in their Holy Baptism. Today, they confess their trust in Jesus and the promises he has made to each of them. What a blessed day it is!...

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It was good to see so many people at church at Easter. After two years of half-empty pews, I was energized by so many faces in the sanctuary. It was particularly good seeing so many children again....

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Gold and Silver, White and Red

A few years ago I walked into The Friendly Bean down at North Oak and Barry Road to order a coffee and do some sermon preparation. There were a few people in line ahead of me, so I let my eyes wander around the café. ...

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